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Power Wash
Exterior Cleaning Services in Dubuque, Iowa

For The Toughest Cleaning.

If you've ever tried to pressure wash your home or business, then you've probably been disappointed with the results and time it takes. For many, pressure or power washing sounds like a great idea, but without an industrial machine and experience, it's a frustrating task.  At Elite Exteriors, we have plenty of both and deliver quality pressure washing services.

We have plenty of power with our units, but it's a thin line between the right amount and too much. Without extreme care, material can be stripped from surfaces and severe damage can occur. All of the Elite Exteriors technicians have a trained touch that ensures your surfaces will be clean without any damage.

Because our team is experienced in pressure washing, the range of things we can clean at your home or business is rather large. Brick, stone, driveways, walls, landscaping and patios are our mot common requests. 

Surfaces such as siding, roofs, and wood material should be cleaned using our soft wash system.

Power Wash

Stone & Brick Siding

Rock and natural stone can be porous and often require a high pressure cleaning.  With the right experience, these surfaces are undamaged with power cleaning.

Power Wash

Patios & Driveways

Get rid of years of grime and dirt by using high pressure cleaning on your concrete surfaces.  A difference that you and your neighbors will notice immediately.

Power Wash

Walls & Landscaping

Bring back the colors and texture of your retaining walls or landscaping blocks with a deep clean power wash.  An affordable service that makes a dramatic difference.

What Should Be Power Washed?

Know The Difference

Hard surfaces may require a high pressure wash system to get them clean and free of dirt, grime, and mildew.  Using the right pressure and distance is key to an even, clean surface. 

Pressure or power washing may utilize water pressures of up to 1500 PSI which can easily damage your property.  Trust our local, experienced professionals to know which cleaning method is best for your home or business! 

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