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We all know how brutal the changing of seasons in the Midwest can be on us, but did you know they can also do a number on your home or business exterior?


Let the cleaning professionals at Elite Exterior keep your property's exterior clean and presentable. We offer a wide range of Soft Wash no-pressure washing services.


Our soft wash services are tough on dirt, grime, mildew and mold, yet gentle enough to be trusted not to damage your exterior surfaces. Our results will amaze you!


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Vinyl Siding

Although strong and durable, vinyl siding should be soft washed with proper cleaners to avoid damage or discoloration.

Decks & Fences

Cleaning wood surfaces requires a special touch.  Too much pressure can destroy the surface or promote warping and rot.


The roof over your head should be handled with extreme care to prevent future leaks or shingle delamination.

What Should Be Soft Washed?

Know The Difference

Other companies may suggest using high pressure wash systems to clean your home or business exterior.  This is faster, easier, and requires less products than soft washing, but can also cause permanent damage to the surfaces being sprayed.
Don't risk damage to your property by allowing pressure washing of these surfaces! 
Who is responsible?  Who will pay for damages?

In most cases, the home or business owner is left with the expense of repairs.

Contact us for a consult to see which cleaning system is best for you!

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